Saturday, April 4, 2009

Roadtrip to Houston

Astronaut Jaeden

Very excited Avery

Dan having just as much fun as the girls

We decided to take a little weekend trip to Houston before this little man is born. We pretty much borrowed the trip from our friends, they took the same vacation a few weeks before. We spent several hours at the Nasa Space Center. They have the best kids display and the girls couldn't get enough of the playscape. The girls did good sitting through some very educational movies about space as well. Later in the day we took them to Kemah Boardwalk to ride some rides. It was their first time to go on a double decker merry-go-round, very exciting. I think the plane ride was the favorite. It was such a cool boardwalk, we'll have to go back again sometime soon!


Christina said...

Y'all are such a cute family! Looks like a blast! Can't believe your little guy will be here so soon!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to meet him!!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

That looks like a really fun time in Houston.

The Zangs said...

I love these pics :) Y'all look so happy! Fun, fun!