Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Jaeden!

Lunch time- Totino's Pizza, grapes and a juice box (Jaeden's favorite)

Pillowcase sack races

Musical pillowcase

Decorating their slippers

Jaeden's sleepover cake and goodie bags.

Mary gave us a great birthday party idea of having a pajama party. Jaeden was very excited about the idea of getting to wear her pj's and play games with her pillow. We had so many fun friends come over and play and made Jaeden's birthday so fun. After the party we spent many hours playing with her new toys, every single one was her most favorite. She is such a sweet girl, we love our big 5 year old!


Christina said...

Aww looks like a cute party! Happy Birthday Jaeden!!!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

Cute idea! What adorable cookies for favors. You are so creative.

Emily said...

what a cute party! I love the "ZZZ" cookies,so creative!!

LDS said...

Happy birthday Jaeden!! Can't believe she is already 5! You are one amazing party momma! It looks like you did an awesome job and sounds like they had a blast! Love you!!

LDS said...

ha ha, lds is actually Mary. :)