Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy 30th Birthday Handsome!!

You can't tell but the candles spell '30'. We just didn't have enough to put 30 on it.

Jaeden's present to daddy
Happy 30th Birthday Dan! You are the most wonderful dad and amazing husband anyone could ever ask for. Love you!!

Jaeden's Playgroup

We made fruit loop necklaces at the girls cousins birthday party a few weeks ago. Jaeden wanted to do this with her playgroup friends this week when we had the kids over to play. I love her playgroup, all the kids play so great together.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hot Pots

This is the most Avery got into the water
Jaeden took her time getting in but then didn't want to get out
This hot pot is just one of many that is located behind my parents house. I don't know why we never took advantage of this earlier.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

The boys found Grandma's dress-up jewelry. Lori, your son was involved too, he just took off his earrings so it wouldn't be documented. Very handsome, beautiful boys!So sassy, sassy and grown-up
We had a count down at 7:30p and the kids beat their pots and pans to celebrate their New Year and then off to bed. :) Mary, I think I have captured Keagan doing a freak-out which makes me so happy!!Tara and Lori's friend Rachel came over to play games, eat and celebrate with us. I had the best time and laughed so hard.
Cheers to 2009.

Jump On It and Bowling

Jaeden and Avery jumping all around the floor of trampolines

We ventured out into the snowy weather and took the girls bowling in Heber one day. It had been snowing non-stop for days and we needed to get out and do something. I think this is the first time Avery has gone bowling. Jaeden beat Avery by 2 points, a good thing. She couldn't let her younger sister beat her. We took the girls to this place called Jump On It. It looked so fun with what looked to be about 50 tramps. If I wasn't 6 months prego I would have joined them in a heart beat! Next time we visit family in Utah we'll have to come here again.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Baby Shower

Tyler and Adam dropped by at the beginning and then took off to do something more manly like going to Sportsman's Warehouse
Me and my beautiful Mom

Thank you so much to Mary for putting a baby shower together for me. We went to Cafe Rio (my fav!) and even had our own private room in the back. I loved being able to see all my completely wonderful friends in Utah again. I had so much fun. Thank you for the adorable baby boy gifts!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Merry Christmas

Some of the cast from our Nativity reinactment
Jaeden (an angel) was in the back doing twirls, Avery was trying to take Baby Jesus out of Mary's arms and the donkey (Uncle Adam) was trying to referee the other actors

The traditional yelling up the chimney to tell Santa Claus what you would like him to bring. It's kind of embarrassing but the kids love it!
Our attempt at a group picture Christmas Eve

Christmas morning
Great Grandma Lois and Jaeden

Mandolyn, Tyler, Adam, Avery and Kellie
Cute kids
Ethan, Jaeden, Addison, Kaitie and Avery
Jaeden and Kaitie both got camera's for Christmas and were taking pictures all day. Jaeden took a total of 325 pictures that day. Jaeden would walk into a room and say "Gather around everyone. Mom, where is your mother at for the picture." Jaeden gave Avery a Hannah Montana microphone that we got to listen to all day. It snowed all day long so we enjoyed our white Christmas.

Family Party

Uncle Brent, Uncle Shaun, Mom, Uncle Bryant, Uncle Dennis,
Grandma Lois
The great-grand kids waiting for their name to be called for a present from Great Grandma Lois

The great grandkids singing for us all, it was very cute!
Every year our whole family gets together for a Soup Christmas Party. I love it when I can come. I love seeing all my cousins and their cute kids and my aunts and uncles and of course my beautiful grandma.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Is the Place

We went over to see Tyler and Mandolyn's cute apartment in Bountiful one night. Mandolyn made us the most delicious Tortilla Soup and then Key Lime Pie. We were loving all the time we got to spend with those two.
Making a Nativity craft

They got to make their own spice bag

After dinner at Tyler and Mandolyn's place we met up with Mary and her boys, mom and Kellie at This Is the Place for a pioneer style Christmas. The kids got to do many crafts in different houses, dancing, watch a puppet show, and ride a train around the whole park. The kids were so cold by the time we left and Jaeden couldn't refuse telling me over and over that she was freezing her giblets off and I should have let us all leave 15 minutes earlier, than it wouldn't be so bad.

Temple Square

Avery and Mandolyn

We couldn't not go to see the lights at Temple Square in SLC while we were there for Christmas. It was so beautiful. Avery got so happy every time she saw a tree with pink lights and Jaeden wanted to see all the nativity scenes. I wish I would have had a picture of everyone together but I don't. Adam, his woman Megan, Tyler, Mandolyn, Mom, Mary and two of her boys, Casen and Camden came with us.

Fun with the Jones'

(Lacey, Jaeden, Kennedy, Mercedes)
We drove up to Pocatello, ID to spend some time with Dan's sister and family. We had such a great time with them as always. Indie and Lacey showed us their amazing skills at Guitar Hero. They totally showed us up. The next day we went to a fun arcade type place and the younger kids played on an indoor playscape while De, Lacey, Dan and Indie played laser tag. When we left De and Barb gave us a huge box of Idaho potatoes, my favorite! Thank you so much for letting us come see you, we love you!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our Friend Party

Avery only sat on Santa's lap because he was handing out a coloring book and a candy cane.

(Me, Mary, Heather, Lisa, Summer, Stacie and Janet)

9 years ago Janet, Heather, their husbands, and Mary and I started a friends Christmas party. I think I was only able to go to the first 3 before this year so it was nice of them to let me rejoin them. It has grown quite a bit with new friends and everyones kids. We had delicious food, entertainment from the kids, Santa came, and we had a cookie exchange. It was so much fun to be with them again. Thank you Heather for organizing it all.

Library Party

The library in Heber had a PJ Christmas party the week before Christmas. It was done by Miss Sally, the gorgeous elf on the stage. Avery cracked us up when she jumped up and down and cheered for the announcements, very exciting info. It was the most amazing library party I've been too. Santa came, there was a puppet show, different stations for the kids to make a craft, Santa dust and a treat table.