Friday, January 16, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

The boys found Grandma's dress-up jewelry. Lori, your son was involved too, he just took off his earrings so it wouldn't be documented. Very handsome, beautiful boys!So sassy, sassy and grown-up
We had a count down at 7:30p and the kids beat their pots and pans to celebrate their New Year and then off to bed. :) Mary, I think I have captured Keagan doing a freak-out which makes me so happy!!Tara and Lori's friend Rachel came over to play games, eat and celebrate with us. I had the best time and laughed so hard.
Cheers to 2009.


mary said...

Oh the boys in very scary jewelry!! Ahh! Kelly is so proud. I love the sassy sassy sassy pic! New years was a blast, thanks mostly to Tara's cheese ball! :) Ha! Love ya!

The Zangs said...

Looks like a complete blast! I wish I had been banging pots and pans too- maybe next year :)