Sunday, November 22, 2009

Elgin Farms

Dylan and Avery, Aiden in the back
She put hair on her pumpkin, gave it a haircut and then carefully gave it a face

Almost all the playgroup kids. Dylan, Kylie, Ethan, Avery and Aiden. We missed Lizzie.
Dylan and Avery's sweaty hayride
We've been coming to Elgin for the past couple of years with Jaeden's playgroup but this year was Avery's playgroup. She was so excited to decorate pumpkins, go through the maze and ride the hayride. We had a great time and I'm sure we'll go back next year too.

Avery's Dance Class

For Halloween, Avery's dance class was able to dress up for their lesson. Avery wanted nothing to do with it, I was really surprised. Her outfit could only be her pink tights and black leotard. I guess she takes dance more serious than I thought.
This is Avery below and above (4th girl to the left) on her first day. (I'm really behind on posting this)

Friday, November 20, 2009

More Fun Utah Pics

My gorgeous sisters Kellie and Megan
All the fun cousins (minus Jaeden and Avery, you were greatly missed my cuties!)

Me and Mary after Lori gave us a make-over

Kaiden was so sweet. He loved holding Dominic and was so good with him despite the look on Dominic's face.

We had the whole day Saturday to do nothing but just be together and watch conference. It was so nice! During the priesthood session all the girls went to a fabric store and then came home and had soup and homemade rolls, delicious!! Shannon, my second cousin that I love so much, came and joined us too.

My Mom's Surprise Party

My sisters and dad started planning my mom's surprise party a couple months before the big day. I didn't think I was going to be able to be there but wanted to SO badly. Her party was on a Friday night and my awesome brother Adam (Tyler is too!!) called me Tuesday night with his father-in-law and made this little dream of mine come true by supplying me with a plane ticket. Dominic and I arrived in Utah Thursday night. Tyler and Mandolyn came to pick us up from the airport. Adam wanted me to keep us being in Utah a surprise from the rest of the siblings so that was fun surprising everyone too. In order to keep my presence in Utah a surprise, I was able to spend the whole day on Friday with my absolutely wonderful sister in law Mandolyn. We had the best time shopping and going out to lunch, it was so fun.
My dad told my mom that they were going to go to the stake center and finally get set apart as missionaries so she would be all dressed up for her surprise party. This is when she walked in and saw us. I couldn't help but cry. Just being there meant the world to me.
Aw, I LOVE my family!

Priceless to me. Thank you so much Adam and to your father in law!
me and my little man
Me and my beautiful sister Lori
This is my Uncle Richard and dad. Do my mom and Aunt Julie (her sister) have the same taste in men or what??