Friday, November 20, 2009

More Fun Utah Pics

My gorgeous sisters Kellie and Megan
All the fun cousins (minus Jaeden and Avery, you were greatly missed my cuties!)

Me and Mary after Lori gave us a make-over

Kaiden was so sweet. He loved holding Dominic and was so good with him despite the look on Dominic's face.

We had the whole day Saturday to do nothing but just be together and watch conference. It was so nice! During the priesthood session all the girls went to a fabric store and then came home and had soup and homemade rolls, delicious!! Shannon, my second cousin that I love so much, came and joined us too.

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The Zangs said...

I love the posing picture at the end of this post- so cute! I am loving your darker hair too (in the make over pic) it makes your eyes pop like crazy. So pretty!