Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nauvoo Part 2

The sunsets over the Mississippi River are unbelievably gorgeous
 The girls loved to play across from my parents house in the corn fields
My mom made these bonnets for the girls and hat for Dominic.  Jaeden had to hold Dominic's hands down to keep the hat on for the picture.  My Mom has never ending talent.  Thank you Mom and Dad for putting us up the whole week.  It was an amazing experience none of us will forget. 

Our Trip to Nauvoo

 Our fun roadtrip to Nauvoo.  What did we ever do before tv's in the car??

                           We went to Carthage Jail with MaKell, Adam and my parents the morning after we    arrived.  I am so grateful we were able to experience that.

 Poor Uncle Adam burned his fingers at the Family Center.  Someone tricked him into touching a pan that just came out of the oven. 
 We spent a lot of time at "Pioneer Pasttimes".  Its a fun place for the kids to wash laundry, do pioneer chores, play school, and other fun pioneer kid games. 

 My Dad is a seriously good weaver now.  You need a rug, he's your guy.

My Dad showing us how to make a rope.  He turned it into a jump rope for the girls.
Emma Smith/Joseph Smith/Hyrum Smith graves
 My mom and dad in the Sunset production.  It was so fun to watch them sing and perform.

                      We were in Nauvoo at the same time as Dan's sister Barb's family.  It was so great to see them and spend time with them too.  This is Lacy, Mercedes and Indie above.
There was a lot of fun activities right before the Joseph Smith Pagent started.  Dan gave us a ride on the handcart, the kids played tug-o-war, danced, went to a puppet show, sack races...  Got them all tuckered out so they would be good for the play, and they really were. 

Father's Day

 Jaeden made Dan a nice card with a frame and all.  Avery gives him a large chocolate bar every year since that is what she always really wants herself.

Swimming Lessons

The girls took swimming lessons with all these fun friends.  Jaeden and Avery did so well so we put them in for two rounds of lessons.
 Monster Arms
Jaeden's killer backstroke

Jaeden's Last Day of Kindergarten

 Mrs. Reeves gave Jaeden the "Inspiring Artist" award for her class
On to 1st Grade!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Dominic's 1st Birthday April 13th

Yay for presents

Dominic got a crocodile pool and didn't appreciate the cold water like his sisters

After he deliberated about this cake, he thoroughly tore it apart before he took his first bite

He shared with the windows and ground very generously and we couldn't stop laughing. The girls thought this was the greatest thing.

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. This little man has come a long way since his rough little beginning and we can't imagine life without him. We had so much fun celebrating Dominic's first birthday together. We love you sweet boy!!

Bluebonnets and Strawberries

Dominic's first bluebonnet experience

I got a few pictures of Dominic and Avery in the bluebonnets while Jaeden was at school and never made it back to get some of Jaeden before the flowers died. We'll make it up next year.

We went to pick strawberries at Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls with my friend Brooke, her daughter Hailey and Grandma Mimi
Avery and Hailey

Jaeden Turns 6 on March 30th

Jaeden asked for a Pumpkin Cheesecake for her family birthday party. I thought that was a unique, but very delicious request.
Avery got her an "Avery" Moxie girl
Dominic gave Jaeden a pedicure set and fingernail polish so we had to bring out the foot soaker and do the whole pedicure thing. We got a little carried away with the bubbles.
We had her birthday party at Texas Jumping Beans (an inflatible world if your not familiar with it)
Pizza and cake. :)
This is Ethan and Rachel. Jaeden and Ethan share the same birthday and therefore feel they are destined to be married. We'll keep you posted on that relationship.
She got a sewing machine from her friend and loves it. We were so excited about all the fun friends that could come and celebrate with us. Thank you so much for your generosity and friendship. Happy 6th Birthday Jaeden!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Clothes

We attempted some quick pictures before church started. Like some of you, the kids wore their Easter clothes to church the Sunday before Easter due to conference.

Jaeden's Kindergarten Cowboy Parade

I got to come to Jaeden's school and help out with the Kindergarten Rodeo. It was so fun to see the parade and help out with the different activities the kids got to do. They had face painting, horse barrel races, cactus art work and Cowboy Bingo.

Brianna, Jaeden and Audrey