Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Clothes

We attempted some quick pictures before church started. Like some of you, the kids wore their Easter clothes to church the Sunday before Easter due to conference.


mary said...

So I completely skipped the whole Easter clothes thing this year. Bad mom. Your kids look so cute and Dominic is such a handsome little guy! I love his hair :)

hknight said...

Oh Ange they are so stinking cute!

The Zangs said...

I am super impressed by you coordinating 3 outfits, all different sizes, and with a boy outfit in there too- WOW! You go girl! They are so beautiful inside and out!

Rachel said...

CUTE! Though I of course wish Avery was wearing her 80's rock star outfit that was so amazing.

Janet said...

Yeah I used to do that...... now I am just an over worked lazy head! Maybe again someday...... :/

They look so cute and I soooo wish you lived closer!! I miss you dang it!