Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Pics of the Kiddos

I had to post this picture of Avery. It just sums up this little 3 year old the best. She is so fun and full of energy.
This is Dominic's new fun place to play
These two are always having so much fun together
Jaeden and Avery went to a cooking camp one day during Jaeden's spring break. It was a fund raiser for a family in our ward who has family in Haiti. The girls were so excited to wear the aprons Grammie Dee made them. Jaeden said the best thing about the camp was she got to crack an egg all by herself and didn't get any shells in her mix.


mary said...

Avery is so delicious! I want to do the hokey pokey with you guys :) I can't believe how big Dominic is getting! You guys make cute kiddos!

The Zangs said...

So cute! Those are fancy aprons:)