Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"One of these days these boots..."

Jaeden has been wanting pink cowgirl boots for months. Yesterday we went and bought them and she was so excited. Last night she even slept with them; not on, just holding them. We think she looks pretty cute, especially when she refers to them as her "yeehaw cowgirl boots".

Thursday, August 23, 2007

We Love Sea World!

Everytime we get to go visit Grandma and Grandpa Haynes in San Antonio, Jaeden pretty much assumes we are going to Sea World. We were able to go this week with Grandma and Aunt Jackie, Jaxon, Kayla, Audrey and later on in the day Grandpa Haynes came and surprised us. We always have a wonderful time and look forward to the next time we get to go again!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Avery Maleah

Our sweet little Avery is 11 months old. I can't believe its almost been a year since she has blessed our home!

Tara and Dallin

The Demke's came to Austin so Dallin could attend a UT baseball camp. We had so much fun visiting and of course, going to the pool!

Friday, August 3, 2007

Snoozy Time

This is Jaeden taking a nap. I thought it was funny because just outside the window Grandpa Gary is outside on the deck blaring music while fixing the deck. Jaeden must not have appreciated it.

Bear Lake

We were able to go up to Logan to visit Tyler and Mandolyn for a day and then went over to Bear Lake. The water was so pretty and blue and the kids had a blast. Poor Grammy D has a broken foot so she had to just sit and watch all the fun. She was dying to go swim.

Jaeden LOVES her Uncle Tyler

Picnic in the Canyon

We went for a picnic and hike in the canyon just outside of Heber with Tyler and Mandolyn and Lori and her fun kids.

Go'in Fish'in

Dad woke me and Jaeden up at 5:30 to go fishing with him and his friend Chuck. Deer Creek is so pretty, especially at that early hour. This is the very first fish I've ever caught. Jaeden really woke up and came alive after that first fish was caught. She was a very good helper reeling them in. I caught a total of 4 fish (rainbow trout).

Hogle Zoo

Jaeden, Keagan, and Kaiden had so much fun climbing on everything they could. The poor babies, Camden and Avery, were so good inspite of the heat. We loved Hogle Zoo!

Our Trip to Utah

Jaeden, Avery and I were able to go to Utah for 2 weeks to visit and play with family. Although we missed daddy like crazy, we had a good time.