Friday, November 30, 2012

Sea World

 At the Shamu show, my favorite

Dominic's first time on this ride.  He was so cute, so excited but a little nervous. 


 My parents came to Austin to spend Thanksgiving with Kellie and my family.  We went to eat lunch with the girls at school one day while they were here.

 Thanksgiving morning, the girls wanted to look like twiners in their new dresses they picked out.
 Our family has a little tradition where every Thanksgiving morning we go out to breakfast, ususally Kirby Lane.

So this is my popsy after our big dinner.  I love it. 

Literacy Night

Jaeden is in a readers theater group at school.  She was a narrator for a story they read at Murchison's literacy night. 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Date Night

Dan and I went to see the Twilight movie the Saturday it came out.  Very excited about it. 

October 27th

My friend Keri asked me back in June if I wanted to run a half marathon in October.  It seemed like a fantastic idea at the time.  I started to really train for it in August and towards the end of September I hurt my leg pretty bad.  The morning of the marathon was the first time I ran in 5 weeks.  I was prepared with biofreeze gel and lots of ibprofen.  I think the freezing temp helped too.  It really was so much fun.  Dan showed up with the kids 15 minutes before I crossed the finish line, made me happy.  I was pretty proud of all us ladies. :)
Right after the race, we raced off to San Antonio and went to Sea World with Dan's parents.  It was a fun long day.

Happy Halloween

 Our cute Captain America
 The Black Cat and Green Lantern Man
 We went trick our treating with the Megerle boys at the Round Rock Outlets a few hours before we took the kids around the neighborhood.  I love Rushell's shirt so I had to get a picture of it.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday Avery

 Avery wanted to have her birthday party at Auntie Cakie's pool.  The kids had a lot of fun swimming and eating.  Here's Avery blowing out her pink barbie cupcake.  Thanks to all the fun friends that came to help celebrate!
 Alexis Montgomery, Lizza Mott, Brooke and Avery, Jaeden and Tyler Megerle
 Dominic, Katelynn Everts, Josie Aho, Alexis and Lizza
Avery's birthday fell on a Wednesday so we had a little family party first.  She wanted apple pie for her "cake".  Avery has been very big into Lalaloopsie's the past couple months.  I feel like she owns every thing ever made by them now. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

First Day of School

 Avery at her kindergarten desk.  She was so excited but so nervous, can you tell?? She has the sweetest teacher named Ms Peterson.  Its her first year teaching period.  She is great and enthusiastic and loves the kids.
 Jaeden is in 3rd grade this year.  She has Ms Thompson.  She was stopped in the hall and told that if she had Ms Thompson she was so lucky and was going to have the best year ever.  Jaeden loved that.
 Sisters holding hands... makes my heart happy :) 

I have these pictures from last to first, so start from the bottom and work your way up :)

Last Night in Utah

 me and Dan
 Dad, Mom and Ty
 Hazel, Dominic, Mandolyn, and Kaitie
Avery holding Hazel one last time.

We wanted to say goodbye to Tyler and Mandolyn before we headed back to Texas.  We met them at Red Robin for dinner and lots of talking.  Tyler always has funny stories to tell from work and Mandolyn is always so sweet and fun to talk to.  Hazel has the perfect consistency of squishiness.  All of our time in Utah was so fun and very memorable.  We left with a lot of happy memories.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Adam and Megan

On our way back to Midway from ID, we stopped in Salt Lake to see Megan and Adam.  They are having their first baby,  Elsie Claire, in February.  I can't wait to see her! 

Pocatello, ID

 Dominic and Lacey.  Dominic attached himself to her last year when they came to TX.  Ever since, she has been in ALL his prayers and asks about her daily.  He was so happy to be reunited with her again. :)
 Barb took us to a fun, very big park.  Indiana was so wonderful to play with Dominic the whole time.
I wish I had taken pictures from our sleepover at the Jones' house.  They set up a big screen to watch a movie outside on the tramp and all the kids (minus jumpy Dominic) slept out on the trampoline. It reminded me of sleeping over at my cousins house in Sandy when I was little.  Happy childhood memories. :)
We went to see Brave and then had to say our good bye's.  Here is Kennedy and Avery. 

Memorial Hill and Park City

 This is one of my favorite spots in Midway.  You can see the whole valley and all of its beautifulness! 
After we came up here to see the view we took all the kids to Park City to ride the tram up the Canyons.  At the top of the ride was a big park, this bob sled from the olympics and some shops. 
 Dan and Dom on the tram.. I love Dominic's nervous face.  He liked it though.
We walked around the Farmer's Market and the kids found a balloon artist man and made friends. 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pioneer Day

My mom had all these pioneer clothes for the kids to dress up into on Pioneer Day.  She had bean bag toss games and other pioneer fun.  Only in Utah :) 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flamming Gorge

The whole family minus Kellie (sorry about that) went camping for 3 days out at Flamming Gorge.  We mostly had fun out at the lake shore and on the boat.  Some of the kids did cliff diving with Uncle Adam (small cliffs, no worries).  My mom, Meg, Lori and Jacob relaxing in the sun.  Mary and Megan were the last to come up from the lake, outdid all the kids.  Dan took me and our little family and Addie out on the boat.  Each of the kids wanted me to go out on the tube with them.  I loved it. 
 We attatched a rope from this float onto a rock on shore so the kids spent all day swimming back and forth.  
 My mom put up clues all around our camp site and led the cousins on a treasure hunt.  At the end they found the treasure full of fun activities and goodies for all the kids.  Jaeden went to our tent and colored for awhile with the coloring kit she got.
 Kaiden and Kaitie waiting for the dinner to finish cooking. 
 Dominic being all cute under his cousins umbrella chair
Me and my cute Av...