Friday, November 2, 2012

Las Vegas

 We drove down to Vegas so we could see Mary's house and spend more time with her because 3 weeks wasn't enough.  After 6 hours of driving Mary being the cool Auntie she is broke out the dry ice and made the kids magical punch.
 Mary has a friend that works at the Mirage and gave us tickets to see the dolphins and tigers.  Jaeden spent the whole time complaining about the heat and Vegas being the hottest place she's ever been too.  I think she forgot we came from Texas. 
 We went to the Children's Museum the next day.  We were there for hours.  It was the best children's museum and we spent hours there.  Plus it was indoors!
 More Mirage pictures.

 This is at the museum.  I lost sight of Dominic and found him in the recording artist room singing some Carly Rae music.  I love this kid!
 After the dolphins Mary took us to this awesome park where they had a little water area and let the kids run wild for a long time cooling off.
Avery and Camden were dancing so awesomely on the stage in their dress-ups, so cute!!


Mandolyn said...

Thanks for posting so many fun pictures! I love that Dominic is a singer and your observation about how much Hazel looks like Tyler! :) Love you!

Rachel said...

I love all of you! So glad you got to spend time with your family! Miss you!!!