Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flamming Gorge

The whole family minus Kellie (sorry about that) went camping for 3 days out at Flamming Gorge.  We mostly had fun out at the lake shore and on the boat.  Some of the kids did cliff diving with Uncle Adam (small cliffs, no worries).  My mom, Meg, Lori and Jacob relaxing in the sun.  Mary and Megan were the last to come up from the lake, outdid all the kids.  Dan took me and our little family and Addie out on the boat.  Each of the kids wanted me to go out on the tube with them.  I loved it. 
 We attatched a rope from this float onto a rock on shore so the kids spent all day swimming back and forth.  
 My mom put up clues all around our camp site and led the cousins on a treasure hunt.  At the end they found the treasure full of fun activities and goodies for all the kids.  Jaeden went to our tent and colored for awhile with the coloring kit she got.
 Kaiden and Kaitie waiting for the dinner to finish cooking. 
 Dominic being all cute under his cousins umbrella chair
Me and my cute Av...

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Rachel said...

So jealous! I miss your family! Looks like a blast.