Friday, November 9, 2012

Pocatello, ID

 Dominic and Lacey.  Dominic attached himself to her last year when they came to TX.  Ever since, she has been in ALL his prayers and asks about her daily.  He was so happy to be reunited with her again. :)
 Barb took us to a fun, very big park.  Indiana was so wonderful to play with Dominic the whole time.
I wish I had taken pictures from our sleepover at the Jones' house.  They set up a big screen to watch a movie outside on the tramp and all the kids (minus jumpy Dominic) slept out on the trampoline. It reminded me of sleeping over at my cousins house in Sandy when I was little.  Happy childhood memories. :)
We went to see Brave and then had to say our good bye's.  Here is Kennedy and Avery. 

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