Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cowtown Half Marathon!!

Waiting at the restaurant the night before our race for our carb feast.

We had to take a group pose right before we left for our mile walk to get to our race.

Camille and I ran the half marathon this year. The others ran the 10K and did awesome!

There was a record number of 21,000 people

Woo hoo!! I finished the run at 2:02 hrs

Laura waited to see me finish and take pictures.

Me with my way cool medal. It turns out that if you run 5, the points make a Texas Star so I am definetly going to get my Texas Star :)

At the finish line with my goodie bag

Camille and I so glad to be done

After all the running fun we went to get some lunch and then hit the road back to Austin. I had such a blast with all these fun ladies and can't wait to do it again next year.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jaeden and Dominic

The best kind of laundry fun in the world- laundry basket rides!

Dominic's New Do


During (this is right before he really got upset)

After (still recovering)

A much happier man a couple hours after that horrible ordeal.

Dominic was born pretty much needing a haircut. He finally got his first haircut at 9 months. I need to learn real fast how to cut his hair. Both girls didn't get their first hair cut until they were 3. I have a feeling Dominic will have dozens and dozens by 3.

Alphabet Parade

Windermere Primary school has an alphabet parade every year and Jaeden decided she wanted to be the letter B. She wore all blue and has butterflies on her shirt. Her "B" poster has bananas and balloons all over it.