Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kindergarten, WOO HOO!!

Jaeden is all ready for her first day of school.
The whole family walked down the street together to take her.
Avery wanted in on the camera action too.

I couldn't resist taking her picture at her new desk(well table really)
She was so excited despite the screaming classmate. It was hard to leave her but successfully their was no tears (for either of us).
Jaeden and Audrey
We came and picked her up from her long day of school. She said she was so tired and hungry. She kept telling me all about her day and how much she loved it. I can't believe we have started the world of school but Jaeden is so smart and ready for it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kindergarten Party

We thought it would be fun for Jaeden to be able to play with as many of her friends that were starting Kindergarten one last time before school starts, so we had a Kindergarten party. The kids came in their swimming suits and we had a slip n'slide, a cool shark pool (thanks Lara) and a fun sprinkler (thanks Abby). When the kids were starting to get bored with that Rushell brought a fun waterballoon game to play. We had lunch and then crayon popcicles. We had a great time, lots of fun!

Surprise Shower for Janelle

Rushell and I made this carseat cover for Janelle. It was our first time, Janelle may be the lucky one to have the one and only original. It was fun to make.
Colette, Keri, and Marie
Laura, Valerie, Leslie and Jen
Janelle, Rushell and her mom Kathy
Rushell picked me and Janelle up for a girls night out to Cheddars for dinner a few weeks ago. We had a little surprise for Janelle when we got there with all these fun ladies to celebrate Janelle's baby girl, Ainsley who is due in a couple of weeks. She got lots of adorable baby girl clothes and other fun baby items. It was so fun and we are excited to meet this cute baby girl.

Crowe's Nest August??

Emma, Avery and Jaeden on their sauna hayride
Dominic's first hayride, we saw tons of cute little baby ostridges
The coolest place of the farm, under the tunnel that led to the Fairie Woods
All the cute kids that survived our fun outing. I wish I would have gotten a picture of Laura too. We actually really had a lot of fun despite the over 100 degree temperature at 10:00am. It was the last day the farm was open until October so Laura invited us to join her and her kids to see the animals. The last time I was at this farm was 5 days before Dominic was born so we had a little bit of a different experience this time around.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepover with the Chambers

Jaeden, Audrey, Avery and Aiden

We had the Chamber kids over for the night while their parents celebrated their 10 year anniversary. It was so fun and they all played and slept so good. We definetly need to do it more often.

Swimming Lessons

Jaeden on her last day

Jaeden, Jacob and Audrey

Jaeden's class, level 3

Aaron, Avery and Aiden ran around and played together every day while the older siblings had their swimming lessons. Next summer these 3 will be able to join them. Jaeden loved her teachers and loved going every day. It is so fun to watch her swim. It also gives me a peace of mind that she knows how.

Dominc 4 Months Old

Workin Out with Mom

I like doing the 30 Day Shred work out video by the Biggest Loser trainer girl Jillian and the girls love doing it with me. Fun bonding time. :)

My Birthday Party

The 2 cute mischeif makers

Jaeden and Kaitie doing their "sassy" pose

Dominic loving his Auntie Cakey

Past and present Hanson girls

Kaiden found this beautiful little butterfly and was so sweet and gentle with it

We couldn't have a camp fire in the canyon and the heater stove thing we brought up wasn't working so Jacob busted out his lighter to roast the marshmellows, it worked great.

Me and my little man

We all went up the canyon to have an early birthday dinner/celebration for me since we were coming back to Texas a few days before it. I love the mountains and family so it was a great birthday for me!

4th of July

Avery doing her first sparkler

Adam and Casen, Megan and Dominic

They had a pool full of wood chips with lots of hidden surprises for the kids to dig through and find. Avery was getting really into it if you can't tell.

Jaeden and Dan playing waterballoon volleyball

all the cute cousins

I know I am really behind on my blogging so I'm trying to catch up. When we were in Utah we went to the Angle's compound for the 4th of July. My family has been going there for years and I can see why. We had so much fun! The Angle's are so amazing. We had a big bbq dinner and then the kids ran around and played for hours until Midway put on their firework show at Memorial Hill which we could see perfectly from the Angle's backyard. It was a very memorable, fun 4th of July. The next day at church, there was over 1300 people attending my parents ward along with Elder Holland. Apparently we aren't the only ones who love being in Midway for the holiday.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Whole Family

Mom and Dad

All the brothers

Jaeden was so excited to pose

Avery had to be bribed with skittles.

We took pictures up the canyon from my parents house in Midway, it was so beautiful outside. Thank you so much Lori for taking our family pictures. You are amazing with awesome camera skills. If anyone ever has any photography needs in the Utah area you really should call her. :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bridal Veil Falls

Me and my gorgeous sister Lori

Janet and Reesa, Heather and Haylee, Mary and Cason on her back, me and Dominic

you can't understand how dirty Avery was from this picture

Jaeden and Ethan (Lori's little man)

Jaeden and Kaitie
We took the kids to play in the water at Bridal Veil Falls one day. The water was freezing but it didn't stop the kids. We were able to meet up with Janet and Heather and their kids. I always love seeing them when we come, I love you guys!