Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kindergarten, WOO HOO!!

Jaeden is all ready for her first day of school.
The whole family walked down the street together to take her.
Avery wanted in on the camera action too.

I couldn't resist taking her picture at her new desk(well table really)
She was so excited despite the screaming classmate. It was hard to leave her but successfully their was no tears (for either of us).
Jaeden and Audrey
We came and picked her up from her long day of school. She said she was so tired and hungry. She kept telling me all about her day and how much she loved it. I can't believe we have started the world of school but Jaeden is so smart and ready for it.


mary said...

Holy crap woman, could you have a more beautiful daughter??? She is gorgeour, you are going to have to stress the no dating until 16 thing with her cause she is going to have all the little kindergarten boys passing her notes to check yes or no... oh no!!
I can't believe she is so big, and I love her hair!!

mary said...

yeah, that word is supposed to be gorgeous!!

Valerie and Christopher said...

ditto what mary said. i can't believe the girls are so grown up!

Jessica Simonsen Howard said...

How fun Angie! School is great and glad you all survived the first day.

Mandolyn said...

What a cute kindergartener!!! I know that Jaeden will be an awesome student! What a special day.... I also love her hair--- you're quite the stylist Angie!

The Zangs said...

WOW! It is so crazy that you have a kid in school! Wow Nellie! And what better way to start school than with the fanciest hair-do out of all the girls! Go MOM with your cute hair skills.

Mona said...

Yes, totally cute hair. It could pass for prom pic, not first day of kindergarten!