Monday, August 24, 2009

My Birthday Party

The 2 cute mischeif makers

Jaeden and Kaitie doing their "sassy" pose

Dominic loving his Auntie Cakey

Past and present Hanson girls

Kaiden found this beautiful little butterfly and was so sweet and gentle with it

We couldn't have a camp fire in the canyon and the heater stove thing we brought up wasn't working so Jacob busted out his lighter to roast the marshmellows, it worked great.

Me and my little man

We all went up the canyon to have an early birthday dinner/celebration for me since we were coming back to Texas a few days before it. I love the mountains and family so it was a great birthday for me!


Jeff and Kellie said...

your little guy is so cute. and your little girls working out with you cracked me up.

The Zangs said...

man- i have not visited your blog in forever... sorry about that. i love the past present hanson girl pic the best!