Monday, May 24, 2010

Jaeden Turns 6 on March 30th

Jaeden asked for a Pumpkin Cheesecake for her family birthday party. I thought that was a unique, but very delicious request.
Avery got her an "Avery" Moxie girl
Dominic gave Jaeden a pedicure set and fingernail polish so we had to bring out the foot soaker and do the whole pedicure thing. We got a little carried away with the bubbles.
We had her birthday party at Texas Jumping Beans (an inflatible world if your not familiar with it)
Pizza and cake. :)
This is Ethan and Rachel. Jaeden and Ethan share the same birthday and therefore feel they are destined to be married. We'll keep you posted on that relationship.
She got a sewing machine from her friend and loves it. We were so excited about all the fun friends that could come and celebrate with us. Thank you so much for your generosity and friendship. Happy 6th Birthday Jaeden!!


Janet said...

Holy crap lock that girl up!! She is getting so beautiful! Happy birthday to Jaeden!!

Rachel said...

I love that she requested a pumpkin cheesecake! that is so random and brilliant! Happy 6th birthday. I'm sad about her and Ethan because I was always holding out for her and Harris...maybe after he stops showing her his weird dance!

Jess said...

Can I just say, she is the most beautiful thing and looks exactly like you! She is adorable Ang. I can't believe she is already 6... wow!

The Zangs said...

Wow- she is fancy with her fancy cake, sewing machine, pedicure, and more! She rocks!