Friday, January 16, 2009

Jump On It and Bowling

Jaeden and Avery jumping all around the floor of trampolines

We ventured out into the snowy weather and took the girls bowling in Heber one day. It had been snowing non-stop for days and we needed to get out and do something. I think this is the first time Avery has gone bowling. Jaeden beat Avery by 2 points, a good thing. She couldn't let her younger sister beat her. We took the girls to this place called Jump On It. It looked so fun with what looked to be about 50 tramps. If I wasn't 6 months prego I would have joined them in a heart beat! Next time we visit family in Utah we'll have to come here again.


Rachel said...

I went to Jump-On-It all the time last year--it is SO fun! Love that you went there. I'm sure it was a hit with everyone.

The Zangs said...

Soooooooooooo fun! I love the pic of Avery and what she is wearing- looks like a serious bowler! The real deal!