Saturday, January 10, 2009

This Is the Place

We went over to see Tyler and Mandolyn's cute apartment in Bountiful one night. Mandolyn made us the most delicious Tortilla Soup and then Key Lime Pie. We were loving all the time we got to spend with those two.
Making a Nativity craft

They got to make their own spice bag

After dinner at Tyler and Mandolyn's place we met up with Mary and her boys, mom and Kellie at This Is the Place for a pioneer style Christmas. The kids got to do many crafts in different houses, dancing, watch a puppet show, and ride a train around the whole park. The kids were so cold by the time we left and Jaeden couldn't refuse telling me over and over that she was freezing her giblets off and I should have let us all leave 15 minutes earlier, than it wouldn't be so bad.


Kristin said...

Whoa - you've been BUSY!! Love all the pics. I miss Temple Square - how fun.

Rachel said...

You guys are all SOOO cute!! I miss you!

Valerie and Christopher said...

LOL...have you asked Jaeden where exactly her "giblets" were before they froze off? Glad you guys have been able to have so much fun!

Jessica S Howard said...

Wow, you guys had a very fun and busy holiday. Glad that you were able to spend so much time with your family. Looks like you guys made the most of it.

The Zangs said...

Gosh... all the stuff y'all do is so fun! You go girl