Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crowe's Nest Farm

After the cow milking demo. The poor cow had 8 demos to do today. Poor utters.
Checking out the turtles

Lovin the goats

tunnel to Faerie Wood
the cute little three muskateers
For Jaeden's playgroup we went to Crowe's Nest Farm. It was such a nice day. We had fun petting the animals, hayrides, and this fun Faerie Wood. In the big red barn they had snakes and spiders in cages. This was not the girls favorite, Jaeden asked to leave "immediately".


The Zangs said...

looks like so much fun... emma would love that- i will have to take her there sometime :) thanks for sharing

Janelle said...

Cute pics Angie. I'm so glad you had your camera there!