Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Enchanted Springs

More than happy to be in jail

Texas Longhorn
This lady asked Dan to come down and be her volunteer while she whips this styraphom stick after she tells us the whip goes 750 mph. I was pretty nervous for his hand. I would like all my loved ones appendages to stay intact.

We had such a fun weekend with Dan's family. All of his sisters and their families came to San Antonio for a fun family reunion. We went to Sea World, this fun cowboy city, and to the San Antonio Zoo. I wasn't able to get pictures of the other fun activities but at least have these.


Janet said...

Well my goodness busy lady I can't belive you HAVEN'T had that baby yet with all that you are doing!!!

Happy birthday to Jaeden!! What a cute party!!

Love you and good luck with that little man!

The Zangs said...

Fun, fun! We should check that out sometime when we visit my sister in Boerne :) You guys go to so many fun places.