Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Fun-filled Week with Cousins

The dinosaur dig park at the Nature Center at Zilker Park
The Zilker train ride

Avery and Keagan. Keagan was sitting with his new Texas friends in the back.
Giddy-up Avery
Keagan, Kaiden and Camden on the boat ride at Kiddie Acres
A few of the kids were a little nervous to go on the ferris wheel so grandma tells them, "It's ok kids, you'll be in a cage" Very comforting words.
Jaeden ropping the cows

It was such a beautiful day and Mary, mom and the cousins couldn't leave without going to the Arboretum and playing on the cows . I wish I had a picture of Keagan doing his research in the wilderness next to the water fountain.

Our attempt at getting a group picture.
I love the power of just asking. Dan had to go to NJ for a week so I asked Mary if she wanted to come to Texas even though we just saw them 3 weeks ago. So 2 days later Mary, her boys and my mom made the long trek from Utah to Texas. The whole week was dedicated to activities for the kids. We went to Gattiland, the Inflatible World, the Children's Museum, the dinosaur dig park and rode the train at Zilker park, and then Kiddie Acres and playing on the cows. One day my mom was able to squeeze in an hour to see Patriarch and Sister Wright. I had the best time with my cute nephews, Mary and Mom. Thank you so much for coming to see us, I love you!


Rachel said...

I'm so glad they came! That is too fun! You guys are so cute. I love what you said about "glad you asked"--it's so true!

mary said...

Oh Texas and Haynes family.. two of my favorites!! Please ask again any time, (well maybe after I have forgotten about the drive with kids). J/k. We had such a wonderful time and we love and miss you guys so much! How great would it be if next time you ask we just jump on the 130 to your house :)

Emily said...

it looks like you guys had a great time aren't sisters the best!!

Janet said...

I am so happy that Mary and your mom got to come and stay with you! Espcially since you were husbandless.

Mandolyn said...

It looks like you guys had lots of fun! What a great opportunity to make awesome memories!

The Zangs said...

I love these pictures. Thanks for letting us tag a long for the kiddie acres outing and also for giving us the Zilker Park idea.

Jeff and Kellie said...

ah jealous. you ladies are so cute. that had to be so much fun. and the weather looks beautiful there. hope you are feeling good with the new babes and all.