Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our 20 Minute Snow Day

It started to snow a couple weeks ago and Avery ran and got her snow gear on and rushed outside to play
So cute, trying to catch the snowflakes. Jaeden said they got to leave class even though it wasn't recess time to go outside and play in the snow too, I loved that!
Dominic and I didn't stay outside too long, TOO cold!


Janet said...

Dear Angie please eat something quickly you are wasting away. Love, Janet.

The Simon Fam! said...

Cute girls you have.Seriously Angie, I agree with Janet. I hardly recognized you in the pics.

mary said...

that is my kind of snow day, and no, Dominic should not be subjected to that kind of horrible stuff!! And, also, eat! You are making me feel even fatter than I did 5 min ago!