Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Fun

Grammie D gave these cute nativity magnets to the girls last year at Christmas time, they were so excited to put it on the fridge and make their nativity scenes
This is Dominic's plastic food of choice, corn on the cob. He plays with it all the time.
Fun silly time while setting up the Christmas tree
This is a pretty constant scenario of Avery and Dominic, she is constantly trying to hug him or hold him
Brooke and Hailey came back to join us for our ward Christmas party
Hailey and her arm rest enjoying the singing
Jaeden's primary singing their cute song

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Janet said...

Ok I am shocked at how much Hailey looks like she could be one of your kids!! That's just crazy! Brooke is so cute and seeing pictures of her makes me miss her!!