Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Girls Night Out

While we were in Utah, my mom watched Jaeden and Avery while I went on an overnight girls night out. We were celebrating my sister Mary's birthday a little late. Janet, Heather, Mary and I went shopping at a house decorating store and then went to check in to our hotel in SLC. Heather gave us each a cute bag full of things like lipgloss, fingernail polish, face masks, lipstick, body butter, it was amazing! Then we went to go eat at California Pizza Kitchen. It was so good! They even had wheat crust pizza. :) Then we took a tour of a children's discovery museum that we later went back to to take the kids. We went back to the hotel and did our girlie thing like putting on face masks, painting our toenails, watching movies, staying up late and talking/laughing. In the morning we had breakfast together at the hotel and then headed back up the canyon to see my girls! It was so fun to spend time with them and kind of felt like pre-kid days.

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Janet said...

Oh the fatness of me!!! Hello chipmunk face!!