Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Children's Museum

One of the last day's in Utah, my mom took us, my sister Mary and her boys and Lori and her kids to Gateway Discovery Museum. It was so much fun and we could have spent the entire day there. If anyone hasn't been there and is around the SLC area you should definetly take your kids. We started off with the kids going on a bear hunt and then they got to make a picture with foam finger paints. They had a play store, farm, building zone, a big play house that even had a little mouse house if you got down and looked through the little hole in the wall in the family room. They had a big section for kids under three that had a little tree house and slide that Avery loved. On the top level you could go out and get in a real life flight helicopter. The whole place was amazing and I can't wait to beable to take them back there. Thanks for the good time mom, it was great!

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