Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Vegas Baby!!

I haven't been the best about posting pictures on our blog, I'm trying to do better.  I put everything on instagram since it's so much faster and easier for me.  A few weeks ago, Dan came home and said he needed to go to Barstow, CA for work and would the kids and I like to go too and see Mary and her family in Vegas? YES please!!!  We left 2 days later on a fun, HOT roadtrip.  We had so much fun with Mary, Kelly and all the kids, noone wanted to come home. 

 The first day they were able to swim in the backyard, they were in there 5 1/2 hours pausing only to shove a hotdog down their throat, than jumped back in.
 Mary has an amazing friend from Gold's Gym that teaches spin and sometimes makes his appearance as the Aquabat Spin Commander.  Dominic loves the Aquabats and so Tirso dressed up and went to the kids club to meet him.  Dominic was mesmerized. :)
 Dominic, Krew and Casen.. a bunch of cuties!
 Hanging little monkey's
 We went hiking one day out at Red Rock (I think that's what it was called).  It was so beautiful!  The kids went so high. 

 We took a little visit to the Mormon Fort.  Krew above and Dominic, Krew and Casen below.

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