Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun pics

Dominic checking himself out in Avery's mirror. I don't blame the handsome little man.
Rachel Murdock came to visit us one afternoon a couple days after Christmas. Jaeden put about 5 blankets ontop of her to make sure she was comfortable. My girls LOVE Rachey. She is the best and we miss her!
The girls love jumping and I love for them to do it!


Christina said...

Such cute pics, love Dominic looking in the mirror!!!!

Rachel said...

yay!!! I loved coming to see you all!! I need to come back to Austin very soon. Thanks for posting that picture--super cute!

mary said...

Oh Rachey Baby!! I miss her!! Dominic needs to stop getting so grown up when you live so far away! He is so adorable, and your girls jumping are so stinkin cute! I wish we had a trampoline too. Energy be gone!